Game RecomMondaytion #001 – Card Hog

The Intro:

As an indie dev it can be easy to get caught up in trying to get one’s own game noticed and forget to talk about all the awesome inspiring games from other devs, along the way. I’m a gamer as much as I am a game developer. So, I thought it would be fun to recommend a hidden gem I’ve enjoyed playing, every Monday.

The Game:

This week is Card Hog by SnoutUp. It’s a deckbuilder-lite that starts simple, but reveals plenty of strategic depth. Unlike other deckbuilders, your cards form a grid that makes up a game board you move around on. It’s in Early Access, but already has a lot of content and game mode variations. It’s easy to play for a few minutes at a time, or get sucked in for an hour. At $3.99 it’s already worth your hard earned bacon.

The Glossary: In case you’re new to the world of gaming, or just this type of game. Welcome!

Deckbuilder: A game that involves adding and removing cards to your deck as you play, to make yourself stronger. Unlike collectible card games, players usually start with the same cards every time, and have options to add new cards during play. When the game ends, they start over, and the deck is reset.

Early Access: A method of development that involves selling an early, unfinished game, and continuing to add to it until it is complete.

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