Gunlocked 0.90 Closed Beta Update Notes

With the Endless Mode update testing well under way, the first round of changes are about to go live. The next update will include the Aftermods system, but first lots of balance changes to current upgrades, and some changes to enemies.

Endless Scaling

  • Bumbler elites (Hive Queen sub boss) now have a 25% chance to spawn after 15 minutes instead of Hercules elites. The chance increases at 20 minutes to 33%
  • A new Ant class ship variant can now spawn after 17 minutes, and this chance increases every 2 minutes after. These will only appear if Ant class ships are already in your current run.


  • Discharger has been reworked
    • Projectiles now fire at max range for all levels
    • Now has a lower base chance, but the chance increases each time it doesn’t trigger, and decreases when it does
    • A green bar, where recharge is usually shown, displays your current chance out of 100
    • There are now only 4 levels instead of 5
    • At level 4 discharger now gains the bonus 3 burst of projectiles from level 5
  • Symbionic Chargeback bonus now only triggers every 3rd time the Discharger does
  • Symbionic Rupture Wave now only triggers every other Gravity Wave.
    • Empowered Rupture Waves trigger on the next Gravity Wave no matter what.
  • Anti-Matter Engine Augment now functions consistently with recharge timers and kinetic recharge. Instead of temporarily shortening recharge timers, it increases recharge gain speed. This means long recharge timers that didn’t fully recharge before its effect ended will now remain close to recharged.
  • Sentry Drone will no longer maintain targets from so far out of their range when moving away. At level 5, the missile speed bonus has been removed, and the firing rate bonus has been reduced from +15% to +10%
  • Junk Drones now fire pulses of 2 projectiles instead of 1, but for fewer pulses. Overall Junk drone fires the same amount of projectiles, but gains a slightly smaller bonuses from Replicator.
  • The Final Hive Queen fight difficulty has been significantly toned down. The vulnerability time, vulnerable damage threshold, and time between attacks has been increased.

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