Gunlocked 0.90 v.4 Closed Beta Update Notes (Oct. 25th.)

In this latest update, a new batch of aftermods has been added, as well as another experience change, and some additional bug fixes

Change Notes


  • Upon beating the first level 3 boss in endless, 3 Gleaming Cube powerups will now drop.

New aftermods:

  • Shove Shield: Every 24 seconds, a force explosion triggers, knocking back all enemies on either side of you.
  • Proximitaze: Shock a random nearby enemy for 10 damage every 2 seconds, stunning them for 0.33 seconds
  • Core Scoop: Every 20 seconds, the next Asteroid you destroy drops a mini powerup.
  • Gift Bag: Upon pickup instantly spawn 1 phase shift, 1 overclock, 1 auto repair, 2 nukes, and 3 gleaming cubes on your ship
  • Afterstrike: When an enemy is destroyed, another random enemy takes 5 damage
  • Sky Drill: Every 8 seconds, deal 300 damage to an asteroid
  • Lucky Coin: Whenever you collect a gem, you have a 50% chance to gain 25% more experience. This bonus is never worth less than 1 extra gem, even when collecting a gem normally worth 1.

Bug Fixes:

  • Assorted bug fixes revolving around collecting multiple powerups at the same time

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