Gunlocked 0.90 v.3 Closed Beta Update Notes (Oct. 24th.)

In this latest update, the first batch of 9 Aftermods has been enabled in Endless Mode. You’ll now be able to equip up to 8(!) upgrades after reaching maximum level with your 4 weapons and utilities. Aftermods are like Augments, in that they aren’t leveled, but they can be much more powerful, and/or specific toContinue reading “Gunlocked 0.90 v.3 Closed Beta Update Notes (Oct. 24th.)”

Gunlocked 0.90 Closed Beta Update Notes

With the Endless Mode update testing well under way, the first round of changes are about to go live. The next update will include the Aftermods system, but first lots of balance changes to current upgrades, and some changes to enemies. Endless Scaling Balance: