Gunlocked 0.90 v.3 Closed Beta Update Notes (Oct. 24th.)

In this latest update, the first batch of 9 Aftermods has been enabled in Endless Mode. You’ll now be able to equip up to 8(!) upgrades after reaching maximum level with your 4 weapons and utilities.

Aftermods are like Augments, in that they aren’t leveled, but they can be much more powerful, and/or specific to builds you’ve put together. You can also equip up to 8 of them (if you survive that long.)

Because this initial batch is limited to just 9 choices, it is possible to be offered mods that won’t be helpful at all, but once more are added, systems will be in place to prevent this. Equipping 8 pretty unlikely, but not impossible.

Experience scaling has received a number of tweaks to improve late game scaling, but may need more changes to ensure Aftermods are unlocking soon enough in Endless.

Change Notes

  • Hercules class ships (elites that fire a spread of bullets) now drop Gleaming Cubes post-15 minutes
  • After defeating a boss at 15+ minutes, a Gleaming Cube now spawns above
  • Exp needed to level after level 20 has been reduced
  • Many of the new gem types that appear post-15 minutes have had their exp increased

Currently available aftermods:

  • Eburnity: Burn effects now lasts forever
  • Spy Satellite: Every 3 seconds, up to 5 enemies currently targeted by lock on upgrades take 15 beam damage.
  • Propeller: Weapons that rotate around you move 30% faster (gunlock, sentry drone, buzz beacons)
  • Blitzbomb: Any time a force upgrade triggers, a 30 damage shock bomb projectile fires out in a random area. (note: currently no recharge time, but one may added…this is probably too strong right now in the right builds)
  • Kinetosaver: After a kinetic upgrade triggers, it resets to a random % from 5-15.
  • Thicc Plate: +20 max shields. All incoming damage is permanently reduced by 1.
  • Lucky Duck: Upgrades that have a % chance to trigger have +5% base chance.
  • Retrofit: Add a random additional level 1 weapon to your equipment. It can not be upgraded.
  • Overpower: All powerups also trigger a mini overclock powerup. 3 second cooldown.

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